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Matthew Hagee Weight Loss __TOP__

Hagee prefers to keep most of his personal life private, which is why little information regarding his weight loss journey is public. What is known, however, will be shared with you. Hagee shed pounds by switching to a gluten-free diet.

Matthew Hagee Weight Loss

Pastor Matthew is a great role model for his congregation and Christians. He not only advises people on religious topics but also on how to deal with the challenges that life throws at us. Hagee's weight loss has inspired many of his fans to follow in his footsteps.

Hagee has a weight of 80 kg or 176.4 lbs. Hagee lost weight by eating a gluten-free diet, he also avoided consuming fatty foods and sugary sweets. His weight loss plan focused on cardio also a lot helped him lose weight.

Pastor Mattew has had challenges with his body weight. To live healthy, Haggee lost weight by eating a gluten-free diet, he also avoided consuming fatty foods and sugary sweets. His weight loss plan focused on cardio also a lot helped him lose weight.

Pastor Matt focused on health where he had to change his eating diet by consuming a gluten-free diet, avoided eating fatty foods and sugary sweets, which led to his weight loss. However, information regarding the amount of weight he lost is currently under review.

I really do not see the sense in purchasing weight loss material from someone who himself is grossly obese. (As for me, I keep my trim, thin shape by jogging five days a week and eating only 1200 calories per day.)

January 4, 2011: In the last couple of weeks of December 2010, and a couple of times this month, Matthew Hagee has had Dr. Colbert back on the television show selling another one of his weight loss products.

Some learned writers hold the Constitution as a fetish. Look at current practice: It is a jury-rigged mess tuned for material injustice. In 1788 the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation were discarded by an elite eager to get paid.(bonds, notes, new lands, trade advantage, slavery) The Declaration, where the American Dream originates as "the pursuit of happiness", has not been in force since ratification (an elite-engineered counter-revolution). Natural abundance meant the Beneficiaries could recruit enough crumb-catchers for the last 219 years to keep their wealth machine running. Now an overpopulated, damaged and depleted world means the Beneficiaries must mine humanity like coal to keep their perks.A psychologist acquaintance attempted a radio show on WBAI last year, "The Pursuit of Happiness". It could not gain anything but criticism in the New York market. The well meaning practitioner blamed unhappiness on mental problems. She opened the vent to a raging ocean of fear and resentment underlying the calm surface of imposed economic discipline. This happened in a country where a high percentage (40% or more including doctors and other helping professionals) are taking prescribed mood altering drugs. We are environmentally depressed, not organically depressed. Medication for materially caused depression is insanity.Anyway, our nightmare will soon end by coming true. Already there is a consumer bank failure in California, and an informant tells me Wachovia (4th or 5th larget bank) is billions into insolvency. How can the public be taxed to recover the losses of the Beneficiaries? We are over 11 billion now in national debt and the expected demise of lenders and banks will at least double the figure. Like France in 1789 the very weight of elite borrowing and gambling will collapse the economic system. Then we will discover that our sacred fetish (Constitution)was only a sub-prime business contract after all. Will their be any human rights or civil rights when the Beneficiaries mobilize violence to collect taxes?I think not! The American Dream was only a marketing ploy from its conception.Our fate is either the death camp turned inside out for Beneficiary advantage(oh! Those strong fascist families, mimicked by the Sopranos on HBO, where Tony must take his meds before performing the duties of a "good earner")or direct seizure of power by the masses. (A "punctuated jump in cultural evolution would be necessary for any positive outcome but maybe we can do it.) I submit to you that the COOs, CEOs, tycoons, experts and political servants paraded before us are little more than "capos" and camp commandants. Money is their only meaningful credential. Thanks Bill Moyers (still a hostage to truths he dare not voice) for bringing on the "extraction ideologues" in order to show us they are only human. They have failing hearts and wrenching rectums of fear just like we taxpayers.(They fear us.) Say no to unauthorized expenditures by demanding tax payment designation (according to the payers choice) at the Inauguration in January. If the Beneficiaries refuse then comes the chaotic bloodbath. So the American Dream runs like a horror movie in my subconscious nightly. 350c69d7ab


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