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Departure Full Movie In Italian 720p Download __LINK__

Let me start by saying this is a good indie movie. Acting is good and the story, which is being told from 4 different point of views (the dad, the mom, the daughter and the aunt) is consistent and therefore present itself as believable. To be honest, the story can easily be told in a "normal" way without repeating the timeline from different POVs, which makes this whole thing a bit gimmicky vs innovative. Having said that, the story does have good pace and is revealing the problem that each character is dealing with, in an interesting way.One of the things that left more to be desired, is the ending. Not going to spoil it here, but enough to say nothing major happens. I wish that there has been some twist, or something that is being revealed due to the different POV that will make it all worth while, but alas it just ends as it starts. I'm not sure what was the director / writer trying say here, but if it was just telling a story about a family that all lie to each other it did a decent job at it. I do recommend this movie if you like family dramas. I would watch these creator's next movie, hopefully they can keep improving. Exact score: 56 / 100.

Departure full movie in italian 720p download

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