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Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Zip __FULL__

Hello sorry for how late this post is.I'm dying to talk about old etf with someone and rake movement into falling in reverse.I'm a die hard hardcore old etf fan im literally trapped in the past (well not entirely true)But words cannot describe how much I godamn love diylf listen to that album back to front. Cannot get enough of it. Fav track hard question but if I had to choose there's no sympathy for the dead.Now I'm not going to bash falling in reverse they have one album that I like justlike you that actually hold a candle to diylf. Now here it comes after waiting for what felt a life time fir release their first album much to my disappointment. The album had like only one good song raised by wolves and two okay tracks such as westerner and goodbye graceful. The rest may I say was annoyingly poppy cringy cheesy I. E good girls bad boys I'm not a vampire. Than some really bland songs caught like a fly pick up the phone drug in me is you sink or swim. Basically the album was just incomparable to the the epicness of diylf. The second album was radke wanted to venture out and try new genreswhich is pop punk and rap. Which I could except in a way cos it like asking me to listen to one genre and I would also get fed up. Fashionably late came out and I was like okay 3 songs I like goddam album title track fuck the rest and the other songs like champion rolling stone and born to lead were just radke being on a ego high which I found mind numbingly boring. And the rest not that into I. E alone bad girls club find silly make me laugh. Also the mesh of genre I felt was a mess. Third album finally something that held a candle to diylf God if you are above chemical prisoner and guillotine part 4 give back vibes of old etf mixed with falking in reverse i.e just like you is fun catchy and I like get me out looking into radke high school life. Along with other great tracks wait abs see stay away. Radke sings about life issues i. E loosing brother and drug addiction and in this album he has no ego unlike the other two. And when radke just sings about stuff from the heart I think highly of him as a singer whereas when he sings with aggorance I find him annoying. This is great album however it just makes me miss old eft and wish they never broke up in the first place. The album is like a 7 out of ten but diylf is a solid 10/10. Also unlike diylf there's no romance songs which I don't like about just like you. Now the fourth album I really don't like. I think really commercial I. E a cross between strangers things supnatural powers and angels and airwaves Look at the goddam cover of the album looks like ava love album cover. The single superhero are catchy but just found it trying to be stranger things. And coming home is a rip off of ava. The rest of the tracks like fuck you and all your friend I'm bad at life and I hate everyone are soppy emo gag songs. And departure I don't mind broken straight to hell are just going off on a tangient that I don't really understand. Now fir have released 4 single I like losing my mind but not much the rest Basically I just want someone to relate to how I feel and miss old etfTheir bonus tracks catchy but don't really like.

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Zip

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