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Your Yathra is where you can express your journey. Yathra or Journey is different for every women. Lets support other women who got unique Yathra.

You can share your stories through our free and easy programs. Click on the program session, and you will find groups you in which you can share your yathra.

If you choose to be anonymous, use an alternate email to login and share your yathra in the anonymous group.

Multi Ethnic Girls

One Step at a Time

Yathra means journey. We would love to hear your journey/yathra. Be strong, be an inspiration, be the teacher, let us learn from you.

We love to hear how you were brought up by your family, or society or educational institutions or work place to be oppressed. We are curious how you fought against those. We are motivated to know your side of the story. Your Yathra, Your Manthra and Your Thanthra.

You can either use our program session, or just add your information to the forum/blog.

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“One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy”

Oscar Wilde

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